Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a member of the CCC Group, SICON OIL & GAS is totally committed to the Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative (CSR), which undertakes the role of “Corporate Citizenship”, aligning business value and behavior, balancing between improving and developing the business of the Company as well as improving the quality of life of its workforce, their families, local communities and societies at large. Globally this CSR initiative covers humanitarian, environmental, sustainable development oF local communities, social activities, ethical behavior and philanthropic activities.CCC Group and SICON OIL & GAS are active members in various programs such as the UN Global Compact, the World Economic Forum – Engineering and Construction Industry partnership, the Disaster Resource Partnership (DRP).

SICON OIL & GAS regularly practices Company Social Responsibility within Italy, its own base,  and abroad, such as:

AITC, Associazione Italiana per i Tumori Cerebrali
The Italian Association for Brain Tumors
Italian National campaign, Telethon against Muscular Dystrophy and Genetic Disease
L’Albero della Vita – Italian organization for Kids
CAM – Centro Assistenza Minori
Save the Children Fund
Associazione Laica “Pane Quotidiano”

The SICON OIL & GAS family believes that every action, however small, can actually help preserve our environment. Hence it implements stringent energy saving and recycling  programs, whether in its head office Milan, Branch offices and camp facilities.