Project Name: Panjpir Gas Field- Gas Gathering System and Gas Transport Pipeline

Country: Pakistan

Description: Engineering, Procurement and construction of:

•No. 5 Gas Well-heads including Well-head Separators, Methanol Injection and Corrosion Inhibitor Injection

•No. 6 6” Flowlines c/w Launching and Receiving Traps

•No. 1 Gas Gathering Centre including Inlet Manifold, Three Phase Separators and Gas Dehydration

•12” Gas Transport Pipeline c/w Lunching and Receiving Traps, LBV’s, Gas Metering and back-pressure control system. Pipeline includes a 500 m O/H river crossing.

•Control Room and SCADA

•All related utilities and off sites including power generation, instrument gas distribution, drain systems, flare etc.

•All related civil works

Project Start – Completion Dates: 1996- 1998